"You do amazing work and your style is eye-catching! It looks like you have fun with it..."
Marcus Hamilton (Draws the weekly panels of Dennis The Menace)

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MAD About... Ginger

As a kid, you were either into comic books or MAD Magazine.
Sort of a "Mary Ann vs. Ginger" thing. I guess you could say I was into Ginger! So to have my work appear in MAD is certainly a nice professional milestone.

Issue #501 includes my "Little League Coaching Signs" piece. I've posted the original concept sketch below.





Hey Jim, we love the maze..."
Associate Art Director- MADKids






For my work (below) to be included in MADKids was also pretty cool. And to be in the same issue that features such heavyweights as Don Martin, Al Jaffee, Paul Coker and Sergio Aragones was a real honor.

"I'm glad your work made it into MAD Kids. You are a pro and great to work with..."
Senior Editor MAD Magazine






Left: The page from MADKids   Right: The original concept sketch


Here's one of my favorite MADKids concept sketches




jimhuntillustration.com   Philadelphia,PA   jimhuntcartoons@gmail.com
All Images on this site copyright 2019 Jim Hunt Illustration All Rights Reserved